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Wives of Sex Addicts

Loneliness. Despair. Insecurity. Depression. Anger. Many women struggle through these feelings as they attempt to carry the weight of their husband’s sexual addiction. They feel isolated, ashamed and alone; unable to understand this force that has affected their lives, destroyed their marriages, and damaged their self-worth.

It is important and necessary for the wives of sex addicts to pursue therapy, whether or not the addicted partner or mate chooses to get help. The negative feelings that are experienced while being married to an addict need to be faced and dealt with or they will become destructive.

At The Antioch Group we want to help women realize that they are not alone in this battle, and that they are worth the fight. We want our clients to understand the dynamics of a sexual addiction, and to be aware of the components of such a disorder. We also want our clients to know that they are not at fault for their partner’s negative choices, and that they can be freed from feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and insecurity.

Call us today to receive more information or to set up an appointment. Ask about our retreats specifically designed to bring healing and encouragement to women whose lives have been wounded by a spouse’s sexual addiction.

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