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Sexual Abuse

Individuals who have experienced the pain of sexual abuse can be haunted by its damaging effects for years after the abuse. The effects can vary depending on the length and severity of the abuse, the learned coping skills of the individual, and the support systems in their lives.

Sometimes the memories and experiences of abuse are a string of unclear memories and deeply rooted emotion. At other times the memories are very vivid and painful. Both are difficult experiences that can begin to consume a person’s entire life. As a result of the sexual abuse, many victims struggle with:

Whether seeking therapy for recent abuse or for the buried pain of years ago, The Antioch Group is here to help. Our therapists specialize in treating adult victims of sexual abuse, as well as children. The damaging effects of sexual abuse do not need to last forever! Healing can begin today.

See our Find a Therapist page for a complete list of specialties.