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Psychological Testing

Individual Assessments

In order to provide the most individualized services with the fastest results, our therapists use psychological testing to zero in on what may be troubling a client. Our individual assessments are available to all ages and focus on the following areas:

Using these clinical tests, we can ensure that the diagnosis is accurate and the most effective treatment is delivered.

Relationship Assessments

Our experienced clinicians use a number of relationship assessments to determine communication styles, premarital compatibility, marital satisfaction, and family relations. These tests reveal the strengths and weaknesses of relationships on various levels and can help improve the way we relate to the people we love most.

Forensic Assessments

We provide clear reports from our forensic evaluations to aid in court decisions. We provide recommendations in child custody cases based on the child’s best interest. We can also assess competency in various areas such as competency to parent, to make a will, to be a witness, and to contract (protection from fraud). Finally, clinical interviews can reveal issues of intent, criminal responsibility, diminished capacity, and competency to stand trial.

Corporate Assessments

Our corporate assessments can help maximize the strengths of your employees and improve the interactions within your organization. We assess interpersonal relationships as well as team relations in order to help build a friendly yet efficient business environment.

Therapists at The Antioch Group who conduct psychological testing include:

See our Find a Therapist page for a complete list of specialties.