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Testing & Treatment for Learning Disorders
(Dyslexia, etc.)

When it comes to learning, why do some children have greater difficulties in a school setting than others? They may seem to lack motivation when it comes to participating in school and completing assignments, working slowly or not paying attention to detail. They may struggle with simple tasks such as writing, pronunciation or reading, memorization, spelling, or simple mathematics. They may be unable to grasp the abstract, fail to articulate and communicate clearly, or seem delayed in language.

Learning Disabilities (LD), also referred to as learning disorders, are neurological disorders affecting the way in which an individual takes in, retains, and responds to information. Some common categories of LD include:

Although they may be present at birth, many children with learning disabilities are not diagnosed until school-age, where the learning disability tends to be more noticeable. It is not uncommon for an LD to be paired with additional related disorders, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or mood disorders.

At The Antioch Group we offer evaluations and assessments to determine if a child’s difficulties may be related to a single learning disorder or a combination of factors. Although learning disorders cannot be cured, they can be dealt with! With understanding, treatment, and education, a child with a learning disorder can overcome the obstacles that may be standing in the way of success.

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