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Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions are on the rise as opportunities for gambling increase in our society. Whether betting on horse races, playing poker with friends, or visiting a casino, an addiction to gambling could develop especially in those who lack impulse control or suffer from stress, anxiety or depression.

A gambling addiction is a chemical phenomenon where the addict experiences a loss of control, builds a tolerance, and feels withdrawal symptoms much like substance addictions. The result of a gambling problem is often unemployment, debt, eviction, crime or suicide.

Because suicide is attempted in about 20% of gambling addicts (this is higher than any other addiction), seeking gambling addiction treatment is crucial. Our trained clinicians usually employ cognitive-behavioral therapy in individualized therapy sessions and encourage participation in a 12-step group therapy program.

Therapists at The Antioch Group who treat gambling addiction include:

See our Find a Therapist page for a complete list of specialties.