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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a name given to a broad list of disorders that tend to affect the way a child socializes, interacts, and communicates with others. Since more children are being diagnosed with autism, it is important for every parent to understand this disorder and know what to look for in their child. Although each case of autism is unique to the child, there are several symptoms in the areas of language, behavior, and social skills that may indicate a child has autism.

  1. Delayed language may be observed. The child may:
    • Begin talking later than most children
    • Develop a unique or abnormal tone of speaking
    • Exhibit poor or delayed conversational skills
    • Repeat words or phrases
    • Possess an inability to grasp the meaning of certain words, or a tendency to use them in the wrong way
  2. Unusual behaviors may be exhibited. The child may:
    • Display repetitive movements such as rocking, flapping of the arms, or spinning
    • Develop routines or specific ways of doing things and be extremely uncomfortable if these patterns are altered
    • Possess an increased sensitivity to sound, touch and light
    • Display a strong interest/obsession with a specific hobby/toy/etc.
  3. Decreased social skills may also be noted. The child may:
    • Make poor eye contact
    • Have a tendency to play alone
    • Give the appearance of being in “his/her own world”
    • Resist being held
    • Seem unaware of other's feelings
    • Have difficulty sharing personal belongings/toys/etc.

If these behaviors are observed in a child, he/she may be one of thousands of children who live with autism. At The Antioch Group our therapists are trained to assess and treat autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. Children will learn a variety of social and communication skills including facial expression, eye contact, self-expression, and behavioral modification. With continued training, practice, and education children can learn to overcome the obstacles of autism.

Clinicians in our Spectrum of Hope Autism Clinic are available for evaluation, treatment, and our unique professional coordination service.

See our Find a Therapist page for a complete list of specialties.