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Anger Management

Angry children often display uncooperative, destructive, and moody temperaments which cause relationship problems or trouble in school. Adolescents have more extreme expressions of anger such as drug abuse, promiscuity, violence and vandalism. Adults choose less intense but still harmful methods of expressing anger.

For all ages, anger can be a very complex problem and is often associated with other disorders such as depression or alcohol abuse. A person with untreated anger can seriously hurt others or themselves, resulting in legal problems or suicide.

Anger is a symptom rather than a disorder, but what’s the real problem? Our therapists diminish the outward signs of anger by healing the underlying cause of the anger. In addition, they aid anger control with methods such as trigger recognition, stress management, self control, deep breathing, and social skill education.

Counselors at The Antioch Group who work with anger management include:

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