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Children & Adult Children of Alcoholics

Today, statistics reveal that 20% of adult individuals will grow up with an alcoholic. Due to the genetic component of alcoholism paired with observing and learning alcoholic behavior, these children of alcoholics have an increased risk of becoming alcoholics themselves. Children of alcoholics (COA) and adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) are also at a much higher risk of facing emotional and psychological problems in both childhood and adulthood, such as:

Even in childhood, children of alcoholics (COA) may react to the lack of control in their lives by displaying negative or overcompensating behaviors, such as:

At The Antioch Group we realize the unique struggle that comes with being a child/ adult child of an alcoholic. Thankfully, there is hope in healing the life-long emotional problems associated with living in the presence of alcoholism. Our therapists are trained to provide the support and empathy as well as the resources and direction needed to overcome the harmful ripple-effect of alcoholism. The cycle of alcoholism and the emotions associated with it can finally come to an end.

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