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Undergraduate Summer Internship

In order to give undergraduate students in psychology and social work a “taste” of the allied mental health professions The Antioch Group offers a 3-month summer internship. Ideal candidates will be between their Junior and Senior years at university when they do the internship.

The training consists of three components:

Our internship can be designed to meet your learning needs.  Many of our past summer interns have taken Independent Study or other university credit.  In those cases the intern typically works 15–20 hours per week on a semi-flexible schedule.  Those not interested in credit hours from their universities typically spend 10–15 hours per week on site. 

Since the Summer Internship is an unpaid one we allow a great deal of flexibility on your hours so that summer employment can be procured.

The Antioch Group’s Summer Internship has dual aims of offering exposure to clinical work and clinical issues, and of aiding students in the integration of Christian faith and clinical practice.

Selection of summer interns is done between September and February of the year preceding the summer of internship (e.g., summer interns for 2018 will be interviewed/selected between September 2017 and February 2018).

To apply for a June start date send this information to the attention of Dr. Steven Hamon:

Selection for our internships is competitive, so it is wise to apply as early as you can. For inquiries and questions call (309) 692-6622 or send an email to