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Billing & Fees

Billing Policies

All evaluations are done on retainer unless prior arrangements have been made.

In-office observation (i.e., parent-child interactions), comprehensive divorce care interventions as well as collateral contacts (phone, letters, etc.) are billed at an hourly rate, or portions thereof, and due at time of service.

Out-of-office work (i.e., home visits and travel-to-the-client or corroborating source) is billed portal-to-portal unless otherwise arranged.

Court testimony and/or deposition at our office are billed on pre-paid retainer basis.

Missed appointments or late-cancellations are billed at the regular hourly rate except in case of illness or emergency.

Our policy is that no information (e.g., reports, phone consults) will be shared in any manner until all fees are paid in full and the check has cleared.

Individualized Forensic Service Rates
(as of 8-5-2020)

  Type of Service Rate
Basic Psychological Evaluation (each individual age 6 & older) $775
Alcohol and Drug Evaluation, Sexual Addiction Evaluation $600
Bonding Evaluation $620–830
Home-visit Evaluation (portal-to-portal) $200/hour
Parent-child observations, record review, phone consult, etc. $200/hour
  Depositions and Court Testimony (Portal-to-Portal)
(note: requires 3 hour retainer)
Individual pre-divorce and blended family session $200/hour

* Bonding Evaluation fee varies based on number of participants.