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Browse through our supply of informational handouts, compiled by Antioch Group clinicians, providing practical application, simple techniques and useful suggestions covering a broad array of topics. Users of these materials agree that the information is supplementary and not meant to be used in place of therapy. The Antioch Group is not liable for the results derived from the use of these materials.

Note: Many of our documents are available in PDF format. Adobe Reader® or similar software must be installed on your computer in order to read these files.
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Category Title of Handout PDF
Abuse/Trauma Therapy Goals for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma Link to Therapy Goals for Adult Survivors pdf
Adolescents Troubled Teens/Adolescents at Risk Link to Teens at Risk pdf
Alcohol/Drug Addiction  Answer a questionnaire from Al-Anon to decide if this program is for you Link to Al-Anon questionnaire pdf
Children School Behavior Chart Link to School Behavior Chart pdf
Compulsive Spending No End in Sight: The Heartbreak of Debt and Compulsive Spending Link to No End in Sight pdf
Depression Task Management When You’re Depressed: Making Molehills out of Mountains Link to Task Management When Depressed pdf
Depression Dealing with the Wintertime Blues Link to Dealing with Wintertime Blues pdf
Depression Perfection vs. Excellence Link to Perfection vs. Excellence pdf
Eating Disorders Questionnaire about eating habits Link to Eating Habits pdf
Forgiveness Keys to the Practice of Intentional Forgiveness Link to Keys to the Practice of Forgiveness pdf
Forgiveness From Gridlock to Repentance and Forgiveness Link to From Gridlock to Forgiveness pdf
Hardiness Go to Your Heart exercises for psychological survival in hard times Link to Go to Your Heart pdf
Hardiness Spiritual Preparation for Hardiness Link to Spiritual Preparation for Hardiness pdf
Tools for Healing Journals for Healing Link to Journals for Healing pdf
Tools for Healing Self Monitoring Log Link to Self Monitoring Log pdf
Marital Relationships Communication Enrichment Exercises Link to Communication Enrichment Exercises pdf
Marital Relationships Relational Stages of Marriage Link to Relational Stages of Marriage pdf
Marital Relationships Relationship Enhancement: Skills For Growing Your Relationship Link to Relationship Enhancement pdf
Marital Relationships Emergency Measures for Christians: A Seven Day Plan for Marital Distress Link to Emergency Measures for Christians pdf
Preparing for Marriage Topics for Couples Considering Marriage Link to Topics for Couples Considering Marriage pdf
Preparing for Marriage Premarital Preparation—Sexuality Link to Premarital Preparation—Sexuality pdf
Relationships Identify Preferences, House Rules, Norms and Absolutes Link to Identify Preferences pdf