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About Sexual Addiction

What is Sexual Addiction?

According to the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, the signs of sexual addiction are identified with these questions:

  1. Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts? [Preoccupied]
  2. Do you hide some of your sexual behavior from others? [Ashamed]
  3. Have you ever sought help for sexual behavior you did not like? [Treatment]
  4. Has anyone been hurt emotionally because of your sexual behavior? [Hurt others]
  5. Do you feel controlled by your sexual desire? [Out of control]
  6. When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterwards? [Sad]

A positive response of “yes” to just one would indicate a need for additional assessment. Two or more indicates a possible sexual addiction.

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We Can Help

At The Antioch Group we are committed to helping individuals and couples who struggle with sexual addiction. In your work with us, it is likely that we will suggest a combination of different treatment approaches to help you in your recovery including:

Individual Counseling: We recommend individual counseling for both the sex addict and his or her spouse. Both male and female counselors are available for this service.

Marital Counseling: Marital counseling is offered to help couples heal their relationship and get on the road to new levels of commitment and intimacy. Additionally, marital counseling can help couples to deal with specific issues in the marriage such as recovering from an affair, dealing with feelings of betrayal of trust, and overcoming sexual dysfunction.

Mutual Support Groups: These groups provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to learn how to better manage their issues.

Co-Dependents of Sex Addicts (COSA): This is a group for the wives of men struggling with sexual addiction. Women in this group gain support from each other and learn about how they can effectively cope with their husband’s sexual addiction.

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Taking the First Step

CALL TODAY: Don’t stay trapped by this addiction!

If you have questions about whether you or someone you know should set up an appointment call The Antioch Group and ask to speak with:

If we are not available when you call, we would be glad to return your phone call.

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Related Links

Heart to Heart Counseling Center has information and links to helpful resources. Also, books, audiotapes, and videotapes dealing with recovery and sexual addiction can be found here. The director of the center, Dr. Doug Weiss, also sends out a free, weekly e-mail update dealing with the latest information about sexual addiction.

Victims of Pornography has information about the damaging effects of pornography and how to get help. Here you can find information for parents and adolescents related to the prevention of pornography problems.

American Family Online (AFO) provides filtered Internet service. This service is highly recommended by the counselors of The Antioch Group.

Stone Gate Resources gives information about how to attend a retreat at Stone Gate Resources. It is directed by Dr. Harry Schaumburg, author of the book False Intimacy.

Marble Retreat is a Christian counseling center located in Colorado that is designed to help clergy in crisis. It features an eight day program for pastors and missionaries and their spouses. is an awesome ministry that is dedicated to assisting men with sexual addiction. It includes a prayer wall to ask for prayer support as well as a free downloadable pornography web alert for accountability.

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